Air Barriers for Industrial & Commercial Use

Air Barriers for Industrial & Commercial Use

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Put simply, Enershield air barriers keep inside air indoors and outside air outdoors at any frequently used door or opening. Expert engineers at Enershield have developed advanced patented technology that is much more effective at improving air quality compared to a more traditional ‘air curtain’. Whilst air curtains displace heated air at an opening, air barriers from Enershield create a 90% airtight seal across the opening, drastically reducing the ingress of draughts, temperatures, moisture and humidity.

Air barriers re-circulate internal facility air to form a robust seal across an open doorway. This creates a ‘virtual door’ which acts as a barrier between the two differing atmospheres. As dust or other pollutants approach and then meet the barrier, they are swept downwards and then out, thus sealing the opening. This allows personnel and vehicular traffic to move freely through the opening without the risk of air traversing through the two atmospheres or rooms.

Air barriers have many uses, both industrial and commercial. In many industries, the air is treated to improve the comfort of internal occupants. For example, in retail, a pleasant, warm climate will be created so that potential customers will wish to stay at the retail park longer. It often costs money to treat the air to create the desired climate. Customer entrances and exits pose a problem as frequent use will mean heat is lost through air leakage and thus more expenditure is needed to continue to treat the air. An air barrier system can help to cut costs, save money and improve energy efficiency by reducing the movement of air at the problem entrances and exits.

As well as energy and money savings, some of the further benefits of air barriers include:

As well as the transfer of temperatures and humidity, the air barrier is fantastic for industrial applications where atmospheres need to be separated. This can be used where you need to restrict the ingress of smoke, pollutants, dust or other contaminants from adjacent areas in a building. They are even effective at stopping insects from traversing the opening. This can be especially effective for industries where hygiene is of importance, such as the food and beverage industry where production and packaging occurs.

Other applications where an air barrier may be useful include commercial applications such as in airports, hospitals and receptions; manufacturing and warehousing applications such as loading bays and even cold storage locations such as freezer rooms.

If you think your company could benefit from the advanced system design of an air barrier from Enershield, our expert engineers at Mid-Tech will be happy to speak to you about your individual requirements and needs. Air barriers can be custom sized to any opening, so whatever your needs, we can install a high performing and cost-effective solution. For more information give Mid-Tech a call on our freephone 0800 028 8366 or use our online contact form to get in touch.

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