Air Blower for Sewage Treatment Plant

Air Blower for Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plays an extremely important role in society. Much of the water used in our homes, industrial processes, and businesses needs to be treated before it can be released back into the environment. Treating sewage and wastewater helps us care for the environment and our own health!

Sewage treatment plants supply clean water to millions of people across the globe by removing harmful pollutants and bacteria and treating the water as thoroughly as possible. During the treatment, physical, chemical, and biological processes are used to remove contaminants and ensure wastewater is safe and suitable for release into the environment.

Compressed air plays a crucial part in the treatment process. Air blowers for sewage treatment are relied on by many in the water and wastewater industry. As energy is one of the main costs of a plant, state of the art pumps and aeration units will play a huge role in lowering life cycle costs and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Mid-Tech air pumps 

Mid-Tech supply a wide range of different vacuum pump solutions for our water treatment customers. We supply products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and experts in advanced technical equipment. 

Specifically for this industry, we recommend our side channel blowers: the G series from Elmo Rietschle. These tried and tested systems offer flawless operation, day in day out. Operating using impulse principle technology, the G series pump provides contact free compression and maximum operational reliability, even at high differential pressures. They require very little maintenance and offer very limited downtime whilst still offering amazing power and performance. 

Applications and uses

Side channel blowers are an integral part of the filtration process, aiding in the delivery of clean water for all. 

Purification in sludge tanks 

The activated sludge process is a type of treatment for sewage or industrial wastewaters using aeration and a biological flocculation composed of bacteria and protozoa. The introduction of oxygen is an extremely important part of the purification process. Air pumps supply the compression pressure required. 

Aeration processes 

Wastewater aeration is the process of pumping air into wastewater to allow aerobic biodegradation of the pollutants within the liquid. The supply of wastewater can vary throughout the day, so it increases efficiency to have a flexible blower installation. The G series offers adjustable speed via an external or integral converter.

Suction vehicles for wastewater cleaning

Removing wastewater and cleaning sewer networks requires suction pressure; this is provided by vacuum pumps. The contamination and polluting products in the wastewater are sucked in through the pump and can be flushed out on a regular basis.

Service and supply

Mid-Tech supply, install, repair, and maintain vacuum pumps and blowers specifically for the sewage industry. We have a diverse range of products available and can offer market leading advice and support to those who need help selecting a specification. 

We also offer a range of compressor accessories, service kits, and genuine spare parts, ensuring your operation is kept running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. 

For more information about our side channel blowers, or any other air product, please get in touch with our team of expert engineers. You can call 0800 028 8366 or fill out our contact form to speak to a professional.  


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