Air Compressor Accessories from the Midlands Leading Suppliers

Air Compressor Accessories from the Midlands Leading Suppliers

Mid-Tech are authorised distributors of some of the world’s leading compressed air treatment brands, including CompAir. Air treatment products are important because they help to clean air output, keeping it contaminant-free, dry and high quality. This is critical for businesses where clean, oil-free air is required.

However, it is also important to remove contaminants from the air to keep your compressor system performing optimally. Contaminants can cause damage to internal compressor parts including corrosion which can ultimately result in downtime for your business.

Mid-Tech stocks a range of air compressor accessories suitable for industrial compressor installations, including:


Dryers remove the water vapour that is present in compressed air. Water vapour is always present within the air. When it is compressed, the concentration of this moisture is increased. This vapour can condense within the system as the compressed air cools and settle within the tank, pipes, hoses and downstream equipment. A dryer will remove this condensation, drying out the air and limiting the risk of corrosion. Mid-Tech stock dryers that use refrigerant, desiccant and hybrid drying technologies.


Air filters are another way to remove contamination from air. They are used to remove contaminating particles such as dust, oil and dirt from the system after compression has taken place. We supply a range of filters including CompAir’s C range which can clean the compressed air output down to 0.01micron!

Condensate Management

Properly managing your condensate is an important part of compressor ownership. Condensate cannot be disposed of in drains and is considered to be hazardous waste. Condensate will consist of oil and other dirt and dust particles and so management systems will need to filter out contaminants before it can be disposed of via a foul drain.

Nitrogen Generation

If nitrogen is used within your business, perhaps for packaging products, then on-site production is an efficient and cost-friendly way to produce it. Nitrogen generator technology can be powered by compressed air and can be installed into your existing system with just a small amount of additional floor space required.

Investment in industrial air treatment products and accessories offer short payback times and are a cost-effective way to keep your system running effectively, whilst maximising its potential.

Mid-Tech employs a team of expert factory-trained engineers who are qualified to design, plan and install a complete compressor system for any size business. If you need advice on what accessories and treatment equipment will best suit your installation and industry, our professional team will be happy to help. Give us a call on our freephone 0800 028 8366 or contact us by filling out our online contact form for advice, assistance and support. We can answer any questions you may have and proudly serve the Midlands.

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