Air Compressor for Spray Painting

Air Compressor for Spray Painting

We look at the best options

Mid-Tech’s full range of compressed air solutions isn’t just focused on major industrial and commercial operations. Our expert team are on hand to help light industries and SMEs harness the ‘fourth utility’ to optimise their output.

Laborious and time-consuming, the application of lacquer, paint, stain and gloss by hand has been given the brush off by the increasing use of air compressors. Traditionally, we associate the use of compressed air systems with industrial-scale operations such as beer manufacture, oil and gas extraction or food packaging.

However, when we look a little closer, we see compressed air hard at work in dental practices, spray painting vehicles, spray tanning and even, decorating cakes. No wonder compressed air is often referred to as the ‘fourth utility’ after water, electricity and natural gas.

Why spray paint?

Smooth, even coverage of paint is tricky enough to achieve when using a brush to paint a garden fence, and that might suffice for the occasional DIY task or craft project, but when your business and its reputation is at stake, spray painting represents a cost-effective, reliable solution.

As simple as they are to operate, with most models being ‘plug n play’ ready, there are some key factors to consider for the home and business premises:

It’s messy!

Spraying anything like paint or lacquer needs space for application and drying. Ensure you have the necessary PPE and invest in spray booths or a fit-for-purpose, well-ventilated workspace.

Spray guns at the ready

Effective application of a long-lasting finish will need the right spray gun. High volume low pressure (HVLP) guns are preferred for spray painting. The low pressure offers greater control of the paint flow with reduced ‘bounce back’ (drips and runs), whereas the high air volume gives fine atomisation of paint for thinner layers that can be built up.

Get the right gear

When spray painting, your gun needs to be supported by the right air compressor, and for the cleanest, driest, contaminant-free air, that air compressor will need an air dryer alongside it for an optimal application.

Make Champion your choice

Call us biased, but Champion is our preferred supplier for small to medium air compressors and their associated downstream treatment because they offer affordable, smart choices across all their products.

The Champion ‘Base’ and ‘Line’ series of compressors are ideal for painting projects, semi-professional and light industrial uses like vehicle bodywork and furniture manufacture. They can be used as a standalone option or partnered with downstream compressed air treatment equipment where necessary.

Additionally, the models are available in several power ranges to suit your CFM, PSI and HP requirements and a choice of tank capacities. Where noise levels are a concern, the Champion range offers silenced models, and where an ISO 8573 air quality standard is a prerequisite, the oil-free models guarantee the clean, dry air you need.

Champion’s FM series of rotary screw compressors are energy-efficient options that are simple to install and maintain. They are your one-stop shop for air compressor, dryer and tank complete packages. Big enough to withstand some harsh conditions, they are small enough to be portable if needed.

Mid-Tech makes it easy.

For the occasional DIY project, purchasing or hiring an air compressor from Mid-Tech might feel like a daunting prospect, but for the enthusiastic hobbyist, DIY-er or small to medium business, choosing the right air compressor is crucial.

Our friendly, professional team has the time and expertise to understand your needs then guide and advise you on the best solution.

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