Air Compressor Maintenance that you can Trust

Air Compressor Maintenance that you can Trust

At Mid-Tech our aim is to offer a first class air compressor maintenance service and to build and maintain long term relationships with all of our clients. We can provide the service and maintenance that you need when you need it, if you need it. Part of our expertise involves being able to provide the regular servicing that can help to maintain optimum system performance and extend your equipment’s working life. Furthermore, it can greatly reduce the chance of breakdowns and subsequent system downtime through preventative maintenance.

Mid-Tech knows everything there is to know about air compressors. With our factory trained staff and using only genuine manufacturer’s parts and oil, our priority is preventative maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on your business. We pride ourselves on offering a professional approach to service and maintenance of compressed air and vacuum equipment that includes all aspects of the process, from the design and installation of pipework, ducting, ventilation and commissioning of your compressed air or vacuum system.

Regular servicing of your compressed air and vacuum system is essential to keep the day-to-day running of your business secure. It reduces the risk of breakdowns and the subsequent downtime. The other part of our expertise is in knowing when and if a part needs replacement or repair. There are many types of compressors, including rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating, high pressure, and portable models.

There are many companies providing the best air supplies on the market such as CompAir. Gardner Denver, Hydrovane, Broomwade, Elmo Rietschle, Reavell, Bambi, and Infinity. We get the product you need, when you need it, and where you need it and we supply the ongoing ability to maintain all the products from these companies. Proper care for your equipment ensures that any potential breakdown can be identified and responded to in a timely manner. Being assured of continuous and efficient production is invaluable.

We have any and all the parts that might be required and we use only genuine lubricants and parts. Regardless of the compressor system you have installed, our preventive maintenance can ensure continuous production and high efficiency. If you need repair services or replacement products, we are able to provide what you want, when you want it.

Maintaining a compressor is more than knowing when to change the oil, filter, and belt. Not all compressors use the same components, and some of them are custom built according to the design of the manufacturer. Our experts know how the machine works and what to check for in a routine examination of its performance.

We can provide fully flexible service agreements to suit your needs and systems regardless of their working environment. Alternatively, we can offer one off service deals at your convenience. We also offer same day call-out response should your compressor or vacuum equipment suffer a breakdown. For more information on our services and expert compressor maintenance tips, telephone 0121 275 2787 or click to contact us here.

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