Air Compressor Parts

Air Compressor Parts

Mid-Tech aims to design, install, service and repair high-quality, efficient air compressor systems to fulfil your application needs. That is why we only stock genuine and reliable aftermarket air compressor parts and oils. To ensure our quality and performance standards are upheld, OEM spare parts are the ideal solution for both you and us.

Choosing OEM spares has a multitude of advantages, including:

1) Cost-efficient

People often opt for third-party compressor parts, as they carry a significantly reduced price tag, making them more convenient for buyers. However, whilst OEM parts are typically more expensive, a thing to consider is the long-term cost-effectiveness of your investment. OEM parts serve as a quick solution for repair work or preventative maintenance and save you from paying the costs of a complete repair job or even a new air compressor system.

2) Tried and tested by experts

With Mid-Tech, you can guarantee that all of our OEM spares are as thoroughly designed, manufactured and tested by our experts as our more extensive systems, ensuring they are 100% genuine and compatible with your system – and your application needs! This promises safety, reliability and efficiency and reduces the risk of the substantial cost implications of a machine breakdown caused by the instalment of third-party spares.

3) Enhanced Efficiency

Whilst third-party spares carry cost benefits short-term, in the long-term, the added costs of repairs, downtime and loss of efficiency due to substandard parts can outweigh the investment in genuine, reliable OEM options. By choosing OEM parts, you are creating an efficient system that promises an ideal investment/performance ratio.

4) Increased Machine Lifespan

Another benefit of choosing Mid-Tech OEM air compressor parts is the increased machine lifespan that comes from using spares specifically designed and innovated for your particular air compressor system. They are guaranteed to mitigate production and machine operation disruptions by performing as efficiently and reliably as an entirely new system would. Whilst third-party spares may visibly look the same, they can compromise the competence and expertise of your solution, leading to a shorter machine life span and more regularly required service intervals.

5) Remain in Warranty

Counterfeit parts can void your warranty, resulting in your investment being neither insured nor protected, leading to costly risks regarding machine issues or breakdowns. By choosing OEM replacement parts, you avoid this risk and ensure that all your equipment remains under warranty. This additional protection can give you peace of mind that you are protected and in safe hands even if you experience system performance issues!

At Mid-Tech, we offer a range of 100% OEM spares for oil-free and lubricated rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating, high pressure, and portable compressors, as well as all the additional components you may need, such as service kits, drive belts and air filters/dryers. We also supply genuine OEM parts for all major brands including, but not limited to: CompAir, Gardner Denver, Ingersoll Rand, Hydrovane and Atlas Copco.

Our years of experience in a range of industries and applications have allowed us to innovatively design and manufacture genuine OEM parts that refuse to compromise the integrity of your system. We believe this is equally as integral as supplying you with market-leading air compressor solutions. To check out our extensive range of OEM spares or for more information, call 0800 028 8366 or contact us here.

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