Air Compressor Repair 

Air Compressor Repair 

Air compressor servicing and repair go hand in hand and are both essential for the ongoing upkeep of your air products and equipment. At Mid-Tech, we are there for you in the event of a system breakdown and we will be on hand to get you up and running as soon as possible, we even provide same-day call out for emergencies. Keeping your compressed air system running smoothly is important to us and that’s why our expert engineers are prepared to deal with breakdowns, using their in-depth knowledge to assess the installation and identify the issue in as little time as possible.  

However, here at Mid-Tech, we are strong believers in preventative maintenance and regular servicing. Preventative maintenance helps to identify problem areas and resolve issues before major damage occurs. Our factory-trained engineers are experts in air compressors and have an in-depth understanding of a variety of technologies, no matter what the brand. Whether it’s a rotary screw, rotary vane, centrifugal, scroll, reciprocating or high-pressure compressor or vacuum system, we know what to look for when carrying out our services.  

Effectively servicing a machine is more than just knowing when oil needs replacing, we thoroughly access all parts of the air compressor including the air and oil filters, separators, inlet/outlet valve, coolers, receiving tank, motor bearings, motor and downstream equipment. We check each individual part for wear or damage, this allows us to recommend replacements before they cause any disruption in your operation. Plus, all the parts we carry and order are genuine OEM spare parts and oils, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge that the integrity of your system will be kept intact.  

Another key factor when it comes to air compressors and vacuum pumps is efficiency. When carrying out our routine servicing, we will ensure that your system is operating optimally in terms of energy efficiency. We have experience working with varying pressure ranges and will ensure your compressor is operating at the right bar pressure and performing as efficiently as possible. Continuous monitoring and regular servicing allow you to ensure your system continues to operate in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner whilst reducing the risk of breakdown through preventative and well-timed maintenance.  

We know, however, that sometimes a breakdown is inevitable, even with all the right maintenance. In cases like this, we are well prepared. Our compressor service kits include all the elements needed for a speedy repair. Air compressor parts are genuine and straight off the shelf, ready to be installed and get you up and running again in no time. In the unlikely event that our field engineers do not have the replacement part you need; we have ex-stock supplies in our Midland warehouse to ensure complete compressor repair in as timely a manner as possible. 

If you’re looking to increase your machine life-span and optimise your performance, regular servicing, maintenance packages and repairs from Mid-Tech are the answer. Contact us today to discuss our air compressor repair service agreements as well as our pay-as-you-go servicing options. To speak to a professional, call 0800 028 8366 or click here to get in touch online.   

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