Air Compressor Servicing and Repair

  • Mid-Tech technicians provide full air compressor & downstream equipment servicing
  • Regular maintenance using genuine parts & oils delivers optimum efficiency
  • Preventative maintenance pays dividends to your bottom line
Servicing & Repairs

Mid-Tech’s trained and experienced service team is always available to ensure your air compressor installation and downstream equipment operates at peak efficiency. Our fully trained technicians are experts in their field and we use only genuine OEM replacement parts. Regular maintenance arrangements are available.

Taking care of business begins with maintenance, which allows issues to be solved before they become problems. To keep your business in continuous and efficient production, regular servicing of your compressed air and vacuum system is essential. Properly tended machinery is less likely to break down. Downtime can be costly. Our expertise is in knowing when parts need replacement or repair.

There are many types of compressors, including rotary screw, rotary vane, centrifugal, scroll, reciprocating, high pressure, and portable models. We have everything, including the expert know-how, to maintain and repair all of them.

We pride ourselves, as leading distributors for some of the globes leading compressed air, vacuum and blower brands, in providing preventative maintenance. Our expertise and ex-stock supplies of all serviceable parts held in our Midlands warehouse, ensures that your installation is looked after in a timely manner.

Our typical high pressure service kit for example, includes all the elements needed for any repair, such as air filters and oil filters, maintenance kits, gaskets and O rings, valve service kits, suction and delivery valves (both new and reconditioned), piston rings, packing, pistons, piston rods, connecting rods and small end bearing bushes, cylinder liners, main bearings, crankshafts, intercoolers and aftercoolers. Everything needed, off-the-shelf and ready for any eventuality.

Regardless of the application or the environment or the product, we have the service training and technology to maintain and repair any high pressure electric air compressor pump, or CNG compression unit, or industrial high pressure air compressor from the most portable and compact model to the largest products in the industry.

Because we supply many air compressors of varying pressure ranges, we are always available to ensure that each compressor functions at the right bar pressure, and that it operates efficiently and effectively. Mid-tech offers an extensive range of genuine quality parts to suit the market leading brands, plus other manufacturers such as: Ingersoll Rand, HPC, and ABAC.

Any oil free or lubricated piston air compressor needs regular maintenance. We watch for warning signs that your system needs to be checked. There are signs that the system should be checked immediately. For instance, if its pressure capacity is low or it seems to be making more noise than usual, there may be a problem. We carry all the compressor parts necessary for any maintenance or repair job.

From installation of pipework to air compressor maintenance to compressed air equipment repairs, we are here for you. Mid-Tech provides flexible service agreements to suit your needs and systems regardless of their working environment. We also offer pay-as-you-go servicing for your convenience. Same day call-out response is also available. We also provide air compressor maintenance tips to keep you running for longer.

For more information on our servicing & repair provision, please call one of our experts on 0800 028 8366 or use our contact form here.