Bambi Compressors from the Midlands Leading Distributor

Bambi Compressors from the Midlands Leading Distributor

Mid-Tech is an authorised distributor of Birmingham based compressor manufacturer, Bambi. Bambi specialise in cost effective, low-noise compressors to be used in applications where space may be limited. These compact compressors have an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and performance. Their small yet aesthetically pleasing design, as well as their ultra quiet noise level, means that these compressors can be used almost anywhere, perfect for dental surgeries or other applications where equipment needs to be close by.

Mid-Tech are experts in all types of compressor technology. If you need help choosing a Bambi compressor, our specialist engineers will be able to help recommend a specific unit that perfectly meets your application demands. Our engineers are factory trained on all of the products we distribute so we will be able to answer any questions you may have about the compressed air system.

What’s more, we provide ongoing preventative maintenance support to ensure your system not only continues to perform effectively but also maximises efficiency. Our engineers are perfectly positioned with the knowledge and know-how to maximise the potential of your unit and ensure your entire system operates as expected.

The Bambi range of compressors are well suited to applications where air quality is critical. The oil free design means that you can ensure 100% purity in your compressed air output. This makes them a particularly desirable machine for dentistry or other similar applications where pure, clean air is essential.

The Bambi range includes:

Bambi Dental VT Range

Bambi PT Range

Bambi VT Range

Bambi VTS Range

Bambi VTH Range

The oil free technologies from Bambi meet stringent air quality regulations and are a fantastic choice for many industries. Learn more about the oil free VT Range here.

If you need guidance choosing a compressor for your needs, be it Bambi, CompAir, Hydrovane or any other leading brand, Mid-Tech have the expertise to offer professional advice and support. We will consider your output requirements, the amount of pressure you need and also what size compressor would best suit your needs. We can also recommend relevant air treatment and downstream equipment to improve your system and increase overall efficiency. Mid-Tech are the compressed air experts, so you don’t have to be!

For advice and support or to enquire about our Bambi compressor range, please get in contact with us by calling 0800 028 8366 or filling out our online enquiry form by clicking here.

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