Bambi VT Oil Free Compressors

Bambi VT Oil Free Compressors

The Bambi VT compressor range incorporates a range of motor sizes from 0.55 – 3 kW (0.75 – 4HP) and compresses up to 8 Bar (116 psi). The oil free design of the VT compressor range helps protect downstream equipment and is the perfect solution for delivering reliable, high quality compressed air for use in dentistry, scientific laboratories and food packaging as well as pneumatic control systems, hospital ventilators and drink dispensing applications.

Versatile by design, the VT range is great for point of use installation and is offered in both vertical and horizontal configuration up to 1.84 kW / 2.5 HP. This aids installation where space is at a premium, by being able to site compressors underneath counter tops.

Unlike many other small air compressors, Bambi VT compressors utilise desiccant dryer technology to achieve up to -40°C dewpoint[1] and host a list of high spec features for low cost, including a soft start valve, aftercooler, coalescing filter and an internally coated receiver with an extended 5 year warranty[2].

Super Silent

VTS CompressorFor times where noise levels are important, Bambi VTS compressors are ideal. The S in VTS stands for silent and is a dedicated range which was purposely built with noise levels in mind (not just an acoustic silencing hood). With the same innovate features as the standard VT range, Bambi VTS compressors also feature a thermostatically controlled sensor to detect when heat levels rise and when the 4 cooling fans should run allowing VTS models to operate from as low as 54 dB(a)[3]. This makes them ideal for point of use installation without any health and safety concerns for staff.

Built in Britain

Bambi compressors are built with pride in Birmingham, UK. Founded in 1977, Bambi Air are a family owned business that are known for manufacturing high quality oil free air compressors used in a wide range of industries. With a wealth of stock and machines ready to ship, lead times on Bambi products are typically much shorter than their rivals and perfect for when you need a good quality compressor quickly.

Low Maintenance

VT300 Bambi Compressor from Mid-Tech

Bambi VT compressors are relatively low maintenance and require a once, annual service to ensure it continues performing at its best. Mid-Tech can offer to perform this annual service using genuine spare parts at a very competitive rate.

To arrange a service on your existing compressed air equipment or to order a new Bambi oil free air compressor, call us on – 0800 028 8366 for a quotation today.


[1] Based on 50% duty cycle

[2] 5 year warranty applies to the air receiver

[3] Free field noise level for the Bambi VTS75 and VTS75D

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