Condensate Management for your Compressed Air Systems

  • Quality CompAir oil/water separators and condensate drains for compressed air treatment
  • Automated condensate drainage for total peace of mind
  • Oil/water separators for contaminant disposal in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner
Condensate Management

Oil/Water Separators

Environmental regulations strictly prohibit the discharge of condensate drained from compressed air systems into foul drains/sewers. The condensate is classified as hazardous industrial waste.

Condensate must be collected by a registered waste carrier or treated prior to disposal using an oil/water separator. Approximately 95% of compressor condensate is water so it makes financial sense to separate the oil from the condensate prior to disposal.

The CSEP Premium range of oil water separators uses a three stage system to separate difficult condensate. The process uses a specially treated adsorbent, polypropylene media that will separate all compressor lubricants without the need for storage tanks, settling chambers or costly disposal.

Each unit features a visual service indicator, light and easy element replacement, and a 1” output for quick sectional draining. They are supplied with a sample bottle and test drain for output testing/measuring.

Automated Condensate Drains

Compressed Air is costly to generate and in any well designed system leaks and wastage will be kept to a minimum. To remove the condensate from receivers/dryers and filter housings we need to vent the condensate to the oil/water separation equipment.

CompAir GDZ condensate drains feature a non-wearing magnetic-core level control for optimised and loss free discharge of condensate. The unit has an integrated dirt screen to protect the diaphragm valve, this valve also has a large cross-section for extended service life.

Most models feature a potential free alarm contact to enable remote monitoring of the drains functionality.

The collection tank integrated in the condensate drain is always used at optimum efficiency. This results in a minimised number of switching cycles and therefore maximises service life.

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