Nitrogen Generation

  • Cost-effective, reliable and safe nitrogen generation solution
  • Effective nitrogen generation from your compressed air installation
  • On-site generation with short pay-back
Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is used in many industrial applications including packaging for food products, materials processing and fire prevention in chemical plants. Mid-Tech Compressed Air offer cost effective solutions from industry leader CompAir, to generate Nitrogen from compressed air. This means users have total control of the supply to their requirement, rather than be reliant on outside suppliers.

In comparison to traditional methods of supply, CompAir’s Nitrogen generation systems are exceptionally cost efficient with short pay-back times on investment. The equipment is usually located within the compressor house with no special pipe requirements. The generation is also at low pressure, removing the manual handling concerns associate with high pressure bottles.

The package supplied can include pre-treatment adsorption dryers and coalescing filters to ensure the correct grade of air is supplied to the Nitrogen Generator.

The system uses Pressure Swing Technology to separate nitrogen molecules from other molecules in the compressed air. Oxygen and other trace gases are removed, while nitrogen is allowed to pass through to the application. The design and control of the system ensures gas output is maximised against minimal compressed air usage, therefore maintaining efficiency.

Cost savings following payback of up to 90% have been achieved with the additional benefit of reduced downtime due to on demand supply.

To learn more about how reliable and safe on-site nitrogen generation can improve your efficiency, please call a Mid-Tech engineer on 0800 028 8366 or click here.