High Pressure Compressor Solutions

  • Product repair from firefighting breathing air sets to marine air compressors
  • Servicing offshore and marine high compression units
  • Top notch service training and technology
High Pressure

Mid-Tech specialises in compressed air supplies including high pressure compressors, genuine spare parts, servicing & repair. One of the lines we offer is Reavell high pressure compressors. Reavell by Gardner Denver has a reputation for high quality turnkey solutions with a focus on specialist air and gas requirements such as high pressure breathing air sets which combine the latest technology, super silent running, efficient performance and simplicity of use.

Reavell is a global leader in the design and manufacture of ready-to-run compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling stations and has CNG compression units supplied worldwide. Mid-Tech can meet costumer needs with a series of modular, ready-to-run packages based around the Gazpack range of air and water cooled reciprocating compression units. The Gazpack series covers the full range of station types from pilot projects and small forklift fleets, through to high capacity public stations and large bus/truck refuelling depots.

Reavell compressors are also an integral part of high compression technology for defence applications, and provide the technology to secure your operational capability, ensure your strategic and tactical mobility and secure around-the-clock operational theatre control.

Reavell high compression technology has powered general air and gas compression for countless organisations worldwide, offering you precisely the right air and gas compression system needed. The unique range of seawater, freshwater and air cooled high pressure systems meet or exceed many international approval standards.

Because we supply a lot of high pressure compressor types, we are always available to ensure that each compressor functions at the right bar pressure needed, and that it operates efficiently and effectively. Mid-tech offers an extensive range of genuine quality parts to suit the market leading brands, plus other manufacturers such as: Ingersoll Rand, HPC, and ABAC.

Our typical high pressure compressor inventory includes all the elements needed for any repair, such as air filters and oil filters, maintenance kits, gaskets and o rings, valve service kits, suction and delivery valves (both new and reconditioned), piston rings, packing, pistons, piston rods, connecting rods and small end bearing bushes, cylinder liners, main bearings, crankshafts, intercoolers and aftercoolers.

Regardless of the application or the environment or the product, we have the service training and technology to maintain and repair any high pressure electric air compressor pump, or CNG compression unit, or industrial high pressure air compressor from the most portable and compact model to the largest products in the industry.

We also provide flexible service agreements to suit your needs and systems, plus offer one off service deals for your convenience. Same day call-out response is available should your equipment break down. For more information on our high pressure air compressor services, please call 0800 028 8366 or click to contact us here.