Oil Free Compressor Solutions

  • 100% purity guaranteed – meets stringent compressed air quality standards
  • Fixed and regulated speed compressors for total flexibility & efficiency
  • CompAir D Series, DH Series, and ULTIMA provide the ultimate choice
Oil Free

High technology industries demand higher quality air. Mid-Tech offers CompAir’s outstanding D and DH series, and ULTIMA range of oil-free machines to meet the exacting standards of industry. Not only are these DH and Ultima compressors oil-free, but oil-less as they contain no oil at all.

The DH series are water injected rotary rotary screw air compressors. They are oil free and silicone free. The core of a DH compressor is a single screw compression element, with a single main rotor with 6 flutes meshing with a pair of 11 tooth gate rotors. Compression takes place in two chambers above and below the main rotor. This balances the compression loads and reduces the bearing loads. There is also the Quantima from CompAir which is an oil free variable speed two-stage centrifugal compressor – breakthrough technology with no gearbox and no moving contact parts.

Water injected into the compression element lubricates, seals and cools. The cooling properties of water allows the compressor to operate at a low temperature providing near isothermal compression, low power consumption and class leading efficiency levels.

Low operating temperatures and bearing loads enable maintenance free sealed bearings to be used, totally removing the need for lubricating oil in the compressor. This guarantees 100% oil-free compression which eradicates maintenance and environmental costs associated with oil and oil filter changes.

The award-winning D Series creates 100% oil free compressed air. Guaranteed non-contact, non-wearing labyrinth seals prevent bearing lubricant entering the compression chamber. The design also features heavy duty, low friction ball and roller bearings and helical drive and timing gears. Thrust balance pistons equalise the loads across the bearings, allowing each bearing to achieve its optimum life expectancy.

CompAir compression elements set the industry standard for energy efficiency. Advanced asymmetric rotor profiles and optimised radial and axial porting ensure maximum air output for minimum energy consumption. The rotor casings feature generous liquid cooling passages for even heat dissipation, enabling closer tolerances to be used for high compression efficiency.

ULTIMA from CompAir is the latest generation of technologically advanced compressors that are redefining energy efficiency across all applications. These variable speed compressors are also 37% smaller than a comparable compressor and being ISO Class 0 100% oil and silicone-free, combine the highest efficiency levels and lowest running costs, with the lowest noise levels and the highest quality of compressed air.

The ULTIMA compressors utilise ultra high efficiency motors that remove the need for a gearbox and drive a pair of airends at different speeds depending upon demand. This delivers the maximum efficiency and makes ULTIMA hard to beat.

It is one thing to know how air compressors work, it is another thing to know how to repair and maintain them so that they are performing at full capacity and delivering the expected bar pressure. Whether your air compressor is a piston or rotary screw compressor, our specially trained technicians are available to perform maintenance as needed or on a regular schedule. We use only genuine aftermarket spare parts.

Whether it is the motor, compressor parts or pressure element, the need for more efficiency or more capacity, our service team can advise, service, repair, or enhance your oil free compressor equipment. Our compressed air experts have vast experience in all compressors, compressed air parts and elements.

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