Rotary Screw Compressors

  • Oil Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors (in addition to vane, piston & high pressure)
  • CompAir’s legendary L Series fixed & regulated speed solutions deliver outstanding efficiency
  • Installation design, build, servicing and repair under a single roof in the Midlands
Oil Lubricated

Mid-Tech is a CompAir distributor for lubricated rotary screw air compressor systems and our highly trained technicians provide a full service to any rotary screw compressor. CompAir’s manufacturer engineering is behind the L-Series lubricated rotary screw compressors, a hard working, high pressure system with a large capacity for compressed air production. When it works as it should, it provides an excellent service. Because of the various moving parts operating at high speeds and under pressure, it is crucial that a regular maintenance schedule is followed.

The L Series of compressors come in both fixed speed and regulated speed (RS) models and incorporates a variable speed drive system of outstanding efficiency. These compressors offer the ability to precisely match power consumption with air demand. Maximum efficiency at any level of demand cuts energy costs and saves money.

This is achieved by varying the speed of the drive motor with exceptional levels of efficiency. Regulated speed compressors handle the varying air demand that many industrial air systems require.

A rotary screw compressor’s design has elements that may affect its operating efficiency. A screw compressor requires roller bearings to prevent the high speed rotors from contacting each other or the stator, also referred to as the cylinder. The parts in a screw compressor such as the rotors, bearing, gearbox, and stator are subject to wear. If the rotors touch the cylinder, the air end can fail and need to be replace and the air end is an expensive part. Exactly why Mid-Tech offer quality maintenance and predictive services such as iConn.

The L Series load/unload function keeps the compressor continuously powered. If and when the demand for compressed air is met, rather than disconnect the power, the compressor’s slide valve turns on. Its function is to reduce the compressor’s capacity. An unloader valve turns off power to the motor when the compressor pressure drops. If there is air in the cylinder, the unloader valve releases it back into the atmosphere.

Our compressed air installation, service and repair technicians are experienced in maintaining and servicing rotary screw air compressors. Technicians are available to perform basic maintenance as needed or on a regular scheduled basis. We use only genuine OEM spare parts and oils.

Our industrial rotary screw replacement kits and spares include:

Mid-Tech provides flexible maintenance agreements to suit all applications, and also offer one off servicing for convenience, with same day call-out response available should your oil lubricated rotary screw compressor system need immediate attention. For more information on our services, please call us on 0800 028 8366 or simple click to contact us here.