Air Compressor Service with Energy Efficiency as Standard

  • Air compressor service – complete energy efficient design & installation including downstream equipment
  • Energy efficiency as standard from the Midlands distributor of leading global air technology brands
  • Sales, service and repair across air compression, vacuum pump and blower technologies
Air Compressor Service with Energy Efficiency as Standard

Mid-Tech has an enviable reputation for its air compressor services and its use of genuine OEM spare parts. We also have a range of energy efficient air compressor service options. These include equipment analysis, pipework and compressor maintenance, and installation of products to boost your energy efficiency and in turn, your bottom line.

iConn – proactive real-time monitoring service

Our iConn service delivers in-depth and real-time knowledge about compressed air systems that helps in accurate production planning with insight and statistics on the performance of your compressed air installation, highlighting potential issues before they become a problem. iConn works on any brand of compressor and downstream equipment and delivers total peace of mind. For more information, click here.

Regulated & Variable Speed Compressors

Air compressors often offer a choice of a regulated or variable speed drive. Both compress air in the same way, but there are certain applications that benefit from energy efficiency with a variable speed drive. A variable speed compressor is more flexible in adapting to optimal output, and modifying electricity use according to load conditions. To learn more, please click here.

Heat Recovery

We can provide you with a range of heat recovery options for our compressors of which allow the recovery of up to 94% of the wasted heat. This can be put to good use elsewhere in your installation. For any process in your factory or workplace that requires hot water or steam, compressor heat recovery can reduce your energy bill and above all your CO2 emissions. Applications range from cleaning, sterilising, boiling, melting or to simply heat your premises. To recover the heat generated by your compressor and save money and the environment, please click here for more information.


Our SmartAir Master controller can help reduce high electricity costs and conserve energy by controlling up to 12 compressors of any combination, fixed or variable speed. It reduces energy consumption by tightening the network pressure to the smallest possible band, keeping off load running to the absolute minimum. Because it is a demand responsive operation, it ensures that where varying capacity compressors are installed, only the correct combinations of compressors are selected to meet the system demand. This results in maximum energy savings. If compressors of the same capacity are installed, the sequencer equalises the running hours, offering greater savings by optimising the service intervals. For more detailed information, please click here.

Leak Detection

Leaks can appear in any part of a compressed air system. A leak detection and repair program can prevent wasted energy with a thorough inspection of your compressed air equipment and installation. The leak source can be in loose fittings, open condensate traps, dirty seals, pipe joints and flanges, and thread sealants. Click here for more information on our leak detection service and how it can help you to cut costs and improve productivity.

Natural & Hybrid Ventilation

Natural and hybrid ventilation systems allow you to manage the indoor air quality of your building or industrial application. A well ventilated building will increase the thermal comfort and productivity of its occupants. An energy efficient way to ventilate buildings is with a hybrid ventilator. The system works by varying between natural and mechanical ventilation, using advanced EC motor technology to provide high-quality performance. For a more detailed look at natural and hybrid ventilation systems, click here.

Air Barriers

Air barriers are a fantastic way to control the internal air quality of your factory or plant. An air barrier is an invisible ‘door’ that blocks the ingress of fumes, steam, dust or other pollutants from passing the barrier. Air barriers work by re-circulating internal air and forcing it across an opening. They allow you to control things such as temperature and climate more efficiently, cutting bills and reducing energy loss. Click here to find out more about the benefits of air barriers.

We offer flexible service agreements to suit your needs and systems regardless of the application. Same day call-out response is also available, as is pay-as-you-go servicing and repair. For more information on our energy efficiency services for industrial or commercial installations, please call 0800 028 8366 or click here.

We know air compressors and take pride in our air compressor service. We offer flexible service agreements to suit your needs and systems. We also offer one off service deals at your convenience. We have the spare parts, tools and expertise you need. Same day call-out response is available. For more information on our services, contact us by clicking here.