Air Barriers

  • Enershield air barriers are an energy efficient way to improve air quality in your workspace.
  • They re-circulate internal facility air to form a robust seal across an open door that helps reduce the transfer of temperature, ingress of dust, pollutants and flying insects.
  • This robust seal allows you to control the climate and humidity between two separate atmospheres.
Air Barriers

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Positioning an Enershield air barrier across your frequently used doors could potentially deliver energy saving costs for you and your business. Wherever there is an open door between differing environments, an exchange of air will naturally occur and alter the original environment you are attempting to maintain.

A massive benefit of an Enershield air barrier is that it reduces temperature loss in an environment where temperature is being controlled, either by heating or air conditioning. Controlling temperature uses energy, which can be expensive; therefore reducing any kind of temperature loss with an air barrier will ultimately result in financial savings that can quickly pay back the initial investment. Additionally, if it is integral to stop fumes or other pollutants from passing from one location to another, Enershield air barriers can do this for you.

Air barriers are not to be confused with a modular and often heated air curtain. Air curtains displace heated air at an open doorway in an attempt to condition ingress of external cold air, this means they use more energy due to the fact they are heating air rather than re-circulating it. When considering internal temperature control, Enershield air barriers are unrivalled in their energy efficiency and high-quality performance.

There are many important benefits in having Enershield air barriers installed at your business. They can help improve the indoor air quality of your application as well as reducing energy costs and boosting the comfort of the internal occupants. With just the controlled movement of air creating the ‘virtual door’, this means vehicles and pedestrians can traverse the space easily, without causing any obstruction. Many existing Enershield customers have reported individual benefits that are quite unique to their business.

Even the most demanding of entrances and exits will be well served by the cutting-edge technology behind our Enershield air barrier systems. Need more proof? Watch this short video to see how effective air barriers can be.

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