Compressed Air Systems Leak Surveys and Detection

  • Identify compressed air leaks and remedy quickly before it becomes a problem
  • Fixing leaks will have an immediate and positive effect on system efficiency
  • Fast pay-back through increased efficiency and energy savings
Leak Detection

Before we discuss leak detection it is worth looking at the potential cost of wasted energy through leaks in a compressed air system.

The production of compressed air is expensive, a 1mm leak around a half inch pipe joint will not be heard without ultrasonic leak detection equipment. At 3 bar, this leak is costing between £800.00 and £1200.00 per annum with electricity costs of 15p-16p per kwh.

Leakage is the single largest waste of energy associated with compressed air systems with rates exceeding 50% of site consumption being common.

The table below illustrates losses experienced within a typical system.

Diameter of Leaks (mm) Cubic Metre/Day Loss/Day £s/Leak Loss/Day £s/Month Loss/Year £s/Per Leak
0.8 50 £0.3 £5 £60
1.6 200 £1 £21 £252
3.2 776 £3 £83 £996
6.4 3176 £11 £337 £4044

Mid-Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd use an ultrasonic compressed air and gas leak detector, it is the latest concept / generation of portable ultrasonic leak detector sets. Traditionally with ultrasonic compressed air / gas leak detector sets you would listen for the leak.  The ultrasonic compressed air / gas leak detector has a camera. You can still listen to the leak, but now you can also visually see the leak. Once a leak is found, we can take a picture of it and use the photograph in a maintenance or energy audit report.

The ultrasonic compressed air and gas leak detector covers leak detection in compressed air, gases and vacuum installations, steam traps, pipe systems and tanks, etc.

Once leaks have been identified and rectified substantial savings in energy and maintenance costs can be achieved, in addition to reducing the possibility of any uncontrolled production stops and assisting in improving energy and in some cases safety. Air leaks cost money. Fixing them will impact on your bottom line.

Mid-Tech’s engineers are fully trained to operate our ultrasonic equipment. A site visit to ascertain your requirements will be followed by a quotation to carry out the survey. Once completed we will generate a full report identifying all leaks and the potential cost of them individually. You are then able to make a ‘value’ decision and prioritise the rectification of the leaks. If you require Mid-Tech to carry out the rectification works, our engineers are able to quote for this.

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