Hybrid Roof Ventilation

  • Advanced air management solutions for high tech industrial applications.
  • Effectively ventilated air in your plant will improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort for your employees.
  • Hybrid ventilation systems provide highly efficient air quality management with low levels of energy consumption too.
Hybrid Roof Ventilation

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With so much time ensuring the compressed air you produce is high quality, efficient and cost-effective, have you considered how good the indoor air quality is within your plant? The comfort and safety of your employees relies on the air quality within your factory. Modern buildings are often well-sealed and insulated to keep in heat, but in a factory environment where smoke and fumes may be present, is it important than an adequate ventilation system is fitted. Mid-Tech can provide natural or hybrid roof ventilation solutions that ensure adequate ventilation with minimum energy consumption. Ventilation technology from Mid-Tech will improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort too.

Different types of ventilation systems will work best for different applications. Our natural ventilation systems are specifically designed for industrial applications and offer a range of benefits such as a large exhaust opening, greater sail area to drive the turbine and improved torque at low wind speed.

Hybrid ventilation can be described as using a combination of natural and mechanical ventilation. This multi-mode system works by varying between the operating mode according to the season, or even the individual day. The technology allows the system to adapt to the external climate and environment and take advantage of natural ventilation in this way. The intelligent control system can choose to switch between natural or mechanical modes to maximise efficiency whilst maintaining indoor conditions. Click here to view an Eco-Power hybrid ventilation system in action.

The hybrid solution can deal with external fluctuations in temperature or internal heat gain as it can use its control system to switch between the different features of the system. Hybrid ventilators have many other benefits such as being extremely quiet, even when in full power mode, and being very lightweight. Hybrid ventilation can be easily installed and will provide long-lasting performance through its advanced electronically commutated motor.

Whether you opt for a natural ventilator or a hybrid ventilator, you can be sure that we have a ventilation system that will be right for you. Our specialist staff will be able to survey your environment and provide expert recommendations on the most appropriate form of air quality control for your building. A comfortable, well ventilated internal environment will not only increase the productivity of your occupants but will effectively cut CO2 emissions.

Want to learn more about how our roof ventilation systems work? Watch our Eco-Power smoke test to see how efficiently the hybrid ventilation roof vent works, clearing the room of pollutants in just 10 minutes!

To enquire about the many benefits of natural and hybrid ventilation systems, please give our expert staff at Mid-Tech a call on 0800 028 8366 today, or click here to get in contact.

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