• Proactive, real-time monitoring service for your compressed air installation
  • Predictive maintenance highlights issues before they become problems
  • Total peace of mind for your compressors and downstream equipment

With our focus on efficiency, Mid-Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd not only offers to improve your plant and downstream equipment, we offer products and innovation to increase productivity.

The latest addition to our portfolio is iConn, which optimises system availability and productivity. The iConn system allows you to boost your plant efficiency and enjoy total peace of mind.

iConn offers smart proactive real-time monitoring. It provides the end user with in-depth and real-time knowledge about their compressed air system. iConn provides insight and statistics regarding the performance of the compressed air installation, highlighting potential issues before they become a problem.

Dependant on how crucial the installations data management provision is, you are able to select from 3 tiers of iConn service options.

How does iConn work?

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