• 80% of the cost of a compressed air installation is the energy used to run it
  • Multi compressor controllers can save up to 30% of that cost
  • Versatile control functions from a profitable investment with real ROI

It is crucial to have accurate control for multiple compressor systems. Over a period of 5 years, energy accounts for around 80% of the total cost of a compressor installation. These high energy costs therefore mean high potential for savings.

Mid Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd offer 2 levels of controller manufactured by Gardner Denver.

SmartAir Lite

Controls up to 4 compressors and offers:

  • Real Time Clock – accurate to plan demand
  • System Pre-Fill – plant charged and ready for production
  • Priority Settings – Optimising system efficiency
  • Pressure Scheduling – Opportunity to reduce energy consumption

SmartAir Master

  • Harmonises workload of up to 12 fixed/variable speed compressors
  • Reduces wasted energy by minimising pressure band
  • Equalises running hours by improving maintenance efficiency

Typically 20-30% energy savings can be expected by the introduction of a SmartAir Master controller.

Connectivity to BMS via RS485/Modbus Profibus and Webserver module.

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