Variable Speed Air Compressors

  • Variable speed air compressors save energy by matching output with demand
  • Maximum efficiency cuts energy costs and saves money
  • Variable speed air compressors can offer lower cost of ownership with up to 35% reduced energy use
Regulated & Variable Speed

Variable speed (Invertor) control of electric motors has become common over recent times in many applications.

In the compressed air field it has enabled the control of the air compression element speed so that input energy constantly varies to match output demand.

All Gardner Denver variable speed rotary screw compressors can be sized to suit the required variations in output, either as a single unit or in conjunction with other fixed/variable speed compressors. The volume flow can be precisely controlled to meet your continually changing demands. This ensures that you use only the energy required to do the job and no more.

The Gardner Denver series of rotary screw compressors incorporate a variable speed drive system of outstanding efficiency, which are constantly developed to ensure maximum efficiency. These compressors offer the ability to precisely match power consumption with air demand. Maximum efficiency at any level of demand cuts energy costs and saves money.

Mid-Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd can survey you current compressed air system to ascertain any potential benefits from the introduction of Variable Speed Compressor(s), determining potential energy savings and paybacks.

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