iConn Changes the Air Compressor Industry Eco-System

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is hallmarked by artificial intelligence and the internet of things, traditional tools are being transformed into the interconnection of people with process and technology. Each industry faces the challenge of technology embedded in the tools of the past. The air compressor marketplace is no exception.

In the world of small and medium sized enterprise (SME), there is a struggle to keep afloat in the manufacturing supply chain. However, larger organisations rely on SMEs, because it is the SME that feeds the market. They are the ones who are hands on when it comes to the needs of the customer.

In the compressed air sector, the Fourth Industrial Revolution need is met by iConn, which is an OPEN IoT platform providing connected devices and services. It is how the compressed air industry can transform the way business is conducted, turning air compressors from a product to a service.

iConn creates stepped sequences, bringing an IoT enabled digital experience to both the SME and the end user. It provides information about every iConn-enabled compressor and air circuit with a never-before-seen client touch point.

Suppose a UK distributor has five hundred compressed air systems operating with engineers available 24/7 to keep them running. When something goes wrong, the customer must call and report the problem or machine failure. By the time the problem is far gone enough to warrant the call, the system is in critical fail mode.

The customer is facing downtime, the engineer is under pressure to be on the scene and fix the problem immediately, and the distributor has to handle the negative experience of the customer.

Enter iConn to the rescue. iConn collects service hours and predictive faults. It acts independently between the distributor and the customer in an entirely digital experience.

Routine maintenance is able to be planned based on real-time data. This means that engineers and technicians can do their work at the optimal time for the machine’s schedule. While this may involve downtime, it can be a chosen downtime rather than emergency downtime. By being proactive, the client experience is transformed into a much more positive one.

iConn provides a predictive alert if it determines that an issue is about to arise. The alert is investigated. The engineer is despatched with the fault data and appropriate equipment for repairs, based on the iConn analysis. The client is informed that the system has not yet failed but needs attention and an engineer is on the way to repair the issue before it becomes critical.

A distributor using this fourth industrial revolution technology can provide a complete digital service to every client. Real-time service due dates are scheduled and fulfilled, and engineers optimised with the machine data, rather than on speculation.

In some cases, iConn technology has improved operation efficiency by 30%. The entire client experience is changed, the SME marketplace is changed. Ultimately, the compressed air market is changed as all compressors are brought online and monitored from one location.

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