Industrial Vacuum Pumps and Blowers from Mid-Tech

Industrial Vacuum Pumps and Blowers from Mid-Tech

When it comes to industrial vacuum pumps and blowers, we really know our stuff. Mid-Tech are experts in air technology, working with premium brands to deliver amazing products to our customers across the Midlands. We are authorised distributors for a variety of the industry’s biggest brands, plus all of our engineers are factory trained on the products we distribute, meaning when you partner with Mid-Tech, you’re not just receiving a product but a complete one-stop service. 

Design, installation, and servicing expertise means that we can assist in the selection of pumps and blowers specifically suited to your application, offering professional advice and guidance. We can also offer installation services as well as ongoing preventative maintenance packages. In the event of a breakdown, we’re also on hand to provide speedy repairs and refurbishment, guaranteeing peace of mind and protecting your investment. 

Learn more about the vacuum pump and blower technologies we provide: 


Elmo Rietschle’s C-Series of dry claw vacuum pumps generate efficient and economical contact-free vacuum. The innovative claw technology is designed with special seals that separate the compression chamber and gearbox, thus no sealing fluids are required.

This makes them a fantastic choice for critical applications where clean, dry air is required. 

Explosion proof versions with reduced leakage are also available as well as ATEX compliant models.

Compact liquid ring

For the harshest processes, Elmo Rietschle’s L-series of liquid ring pumps are the perfect choice. Designed to handle humid and wet conditions without limescale or abrasion, these pumps use quality materials such as stainless steel and ceramics to ensure maximum performance and reliability. 

Rotary lobe

Lobe pumps create vacuum through two non-contacting lobes. The R-Series uses an innovative triple lobed rotor design to successfully avoid issues with pulsation. Plus, the contact-free design helps to limit maintenance and increase uptime!

Rotary vane

Reliant on tried and tested positive displacement technology, Elmo Rieschle’s vane pumps come in both dry running and lubricated models. Easy to operate and maintain, the V series offers robust and economical vacuum generation. 


The S-Series boasts state-of-the-art dry running vacuum technology that is energy efficient and offers low life cycle costs! 

Side channel

This time-tested machinery has remained virtually unchanged for years due to its ability to provide flawless performance, without fault. Built to last, these robust and durable machines are virtually maintenance-free. 

Genuine aftermarket spare parts

As part of our servicing and repairs provisions, we carry a wide range of vacuum pump spare parts. We ensure to keep a large stock of the core parts that are often required, providing the quickest possible turnaround for our clients. These parts include O rings, gasket sets, overhaul kits for high pressure pumps, pump blades, rotors and starters, springs and seals, bearings, shaft sleeves, seals, motors, valves, and more. 

For more information about any of our pumps and blowers, air compressors, air treatment accessories, downstream equipment, or any of our services, please get in touch to speak to a member of the team on 0800 028 8366 or simply click here.

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