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Air Compressor Hire from Mid-Tech

Air compressor hire for short-term and long-term demand.  Cost-effective industrial compressed air solutions. A range of lubricated and oil-free technologies available.  Mid-Tech provides short and long term air compressor hire services for a range of industrial air demand needs. We offer specialist hire products including oil-free and lubricated compressors available in both fixed and variable […]

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Great Feedback

The staff at Mid Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd have worked tirelessly and diligently through the last 12 months of Covid19. We have kept customer equipment from many key industries serviced correctly and supplied/installed new equipment as required. All while following the government guidelines to protect both customers and ourselves. It then proves very rewarding when […]

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Air Blower for Sewage Treatment Plant

Compressed air plays an important role in sewage treatment plants.  Mid-Tech supply air pumps and blowers designed specifically for the industry.  Efficient side channel blowers for wastewater purification in sludge tanks and small aeration applications. Sewage treatment plays an extremely important role in society. Much of the water used in our homes, industrial processes, and […]

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Compressed Air Filters & Downstream Equipment to ISO8573 Quality Standards

A thorough understanding of air quality and testing standards is essential in compressor system planning. Which standards you should apply will always depend on the purification you seek to achieve. Air filters & downstream equipment from Mid-Tech help you achieve ISO8573 quality standards. What are ISO standards important? ISO (International Standards Organisation) are the world’s […]

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