Lab Vacuum Pumps for Universities

Lab Vacuum Pumps for Universities

From small schools and colleges to international universities and research and development facilities, vacuum is essential in facilitating educational development, studies, and scientific evolution across the globe. A laboratory vacuum pump is an adaptable tool that can aid a wide range of research scientists and engineers from many backgrounds including medical, life sciences, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many more!

Applications within laboratories will vary greatly depending on the scientific discipline. However, in general, vacuum is used most simply to provide pressure below atmospheric pressure. Many scientists use vacuum every day for a multitude of applications in the preparation and processing of samples.

The most common applications are:

Filtration – To provide suction to drive the filtration of liquid or suspended samples.

Drying & Concentration – To induce or control solvent evaporation by reducing vapour pressure, as in gel dryers, and concentrators.

Desiccation – A desiccator connects to a laboratory pump to remove moisture and air from the chamber.

Distillation –  A technique used to gently separate compounds from a liquid by lowering their boiling point with the help of vacuum.

Degassing – The pump is used to evacuate low boiling point solvents as well as any air that has entered the material through leaks.

Lab pumps for research must exhibit outstanding engineering and meet essential requirements to fulfil the task at hand. For most applications, when choosing equipment you will ideally select a machine that offers the following benefits to the user:

Mid-Tech supply a wide variety of pumps to suit almost every application with varying operating perimeters to suit your exact requirements. We are an authorised supplier of some of the industry’s leading compressor and vacuum manufacturers including the likes of Elmo Rietschle and Welch. Designing a range of highly efficient technologies that offer reliable performance, their product offering is sure to provide the results you need so that you can focus on your area of expertise, science!

In addition to lab pumps, Welch also provide state-of-the-art accessories to measure and control your vacuum, alongside oil and spare parts designed to keep your system operating effectively for its full service life.

Mid-Tech are experts in compressed air and pressure and have years of experience working with professionals in a range of industries, including the educational sector. Our factory-trained engineers are on hand to offer the advice and guidance you need to help specify equipment that will provide the performance you expect. Not only that, we are here to support you post-purchase with our maintenance, repair, and servicing contracts to ensure maximum uptime. Please contact us by calling 0800 028 8366 or clicking here to fill out our contact form.

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