Screw Compressors for Sale

Mid-Tech are compressed air experts and authorised distributors of rotary screw compressors from industry-leading manufacturers CompAir and Champion. From large industrial requirements to smaller-scale professional and craftsman applications, we have the solution for you when it comes to the screw compressors we have for sale! 

What is rotary screw technology? 

Screw technology is one of the most widely used types of compressor model out there and is the backbone behind many modern industries, including numerous manufacturing and production processes. 

Compression is created through a set of rotors. There is a male and female rotor, and they are designed differently so that they can turn in unison. As they rotate, the air becomes trapped between them and is forced down the rotors. The males convex lobes and the females concave cavities mesh together to achieve non-contacting compression, which is a highly efficient, versatile, and reliable process! 

CompAir screw compressor benefits

CompAir compressors feature an intelligent design with premium airends that have been specially engineered in CompAirs in-house facility, the Simmern Centre of Excellence. Engineered in Germany using the latest developments in compressor efficiency, each compressor in the L series has been designed to offer low rotational speeds with improved energy costs for maximum efficiency and performance. 

Some of the key features this range offers include reduced maintenance with easy access points and limited moving parts, low noise and low vibration compared with other technologies, and no duty cycle meaning they can provide a reliable and continuous supply of compressed air. 

Champion screw compressor benefits 

Champion compressors are specifically optimised for small to medium-sized businesses and provide a cost-effective solution for light industrial and professional applications. Offering many running hours and the latest advances in engineering, the Champion range is available in fixed and variable speed models with pressure ranges from 2.2kW to 90kW. They offer plug and play efficiency, and their small and compact size means they are ideal for many point of use applications in busy garages or workshops!

Oil-free options 

Mid-Tech also offers oil-free rotary screw compressors. Oil-free compressors are becoming more and more popular within industries where health and safety requirements mean it is essential to have clean and dry air. Air purity is a primary concern for specific sectors that have to adhere to stringent hygiene standards, such as those in the food and beverage industry. CompAir offers a range of oil-free rotary screw solutions such as their D Series, DH Series, and groundbreaking Ultima series, which utilises low-pressure and high-pressure dry screw airends for maximum performance. 

Expert design, installation, and servicing from Mid-Tech

Buy a compressor from us, and we offer a complete one-stop shop for all your compressor needs. We can help advise when selecting a compressor to suit your application, and we provide a comprehensive aftermarket service, including service and repair with genuine spare parts and oils. Find out more by calling us today on 0800 028 8366 or clicking here to fill out our contact form.

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