With 100 years plus of experience across the MidTech team, it would be fair to say there are not many sectors that we do not have experience in.

Due to our West Midlands location, we are obviously supplying compressed air equipment to many clients in the general engineering sector. These clients manufacture everything from automotive to aircraft components, vehicles, hi-tech components and general consumable product. MidTech understand the needs of this sector and ensure that all clients have reliable, maintained equipment producing compressed air to the required quality.

We also have many clients in the food and beverage sector, as well as the requirements above, we ensure all clients in this sector meet the specialised compressed air quality standards around their manufacturing processes.

Education, research and development establishments provide their own set of needs particular to the work they are carrying out. We work with our many specialist suppliers to ensure they have the equipment to facilitate these requirements.

We have major clients in the construction industries and specific products designed and built around the area, quite often needing to be more rugged or portable compared to static locations.

Four years ago we moved into the low pressure/vacuum arena, investing in training for all our staff and recruiting where required. This means we can now supply vacuum/pressure equipment across the whole range and offer a genuine single source route to any industry needing pressure and vacuum.

Our ancillary products are all encompassing and we can design, supply, build, commission and maintain in all the above sectors. Our staff have many years’ experience with manufacturers, and we feel this places us in strong position and is key to support your requirements and facilities and is unique across our industry.

For further information on MidTech’s services for your industry, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 028 8366 or click here.