Silent Air Compressors UK

Silent Air Compressors UK


What is a silent air compressor?

When we speak of “silent” or “ultra-quiet” air compressors, we refer to a piece of equipment engineered explicitly with noise reduction in mind. Compared with standard compressors, they will offer ultra-quiet operation as either oil-free air or oil lubricated air products. This is because they have been developed with noise-damping qualities intended to minimise sound pollution and reduce mechanical sounds that can disrupt the workplace.

Developments in engineering have allowed experts to minimise the typical roar of a motor and grind of mechanisms that have come to be associated with compression. In fact, modern equipment can achieve extremely low noise levels – as low as 40 decibels (dB). Equipment with a noise level rating between 40 dB and 60 dB is usually considered low noise within the industry. Any lower than this would be extremely unlikely for an industrial compressor unit with enough power and tank capacity to perform the job.

Why are silent air compressors needed?

Many small to medium-sized businesses (and DIY users) require access to compressed air at the point of use. However, it would not be feasible to be exposed to such high noise levels every day, as it would not be safe.

For professionals who work near compression equipment daily, the noise of churning mechanisms can be a real problem.

This is where silent air compressors provide a great solution! Low noise air compressors are most commonly used in small to medium-sized industries for medical use, such as dentistry, or for breweries and various workshop environments.

What are the benefits?

Improved health and safety and no hearing problems – employees exposed to high noise levels for 8 hours a day pose a risk of developing hearing problems in the future. A silent or quiet compressor protects from this and allows business owners to protect their staff.

Reduced stress and fatigue – Similarly, high noise levels can cause stress, headaches, and other medical conditions, which ultimately affect morale and may cause staff to underperform. A compressor that offers quiet operation helps to ensure a comfortable work environment.

Reduce human error – Communication is central for many jobs, and high noise levels can make it hard to hear other members of your team, potentially putting you at risk of human error or miscommunication that can affect safety.

Improved productivity – A happy work environment will always result in increased productivity as employees can perform more efficiently without the disturbance of excessive noise levels.

Reliable performance – Low noise does not mean low quality; quiet air compressors provide effective, long-term reliable performance that supplies the compressed air you need, whenever you need it at whatever pressure range.

Introducing the Bambi range

Mid-Tech supply, install, service, and maintain a range of silent air compressor equipment from Bambi Air Compressors, both portable and fixed. Bambi offers an extensive range of silent air compressors and accessories in both lubricated and oil-free piston ranges. Designed to perform in a range of environments, the Bambi MD range, Budget Range, and VTS range offer low noise performance at a competitive price.

Do you think a Bambi compressor is suitable for your business? Please speak with our expert engineers at Mid-Tech for tailored advice and support. We provide a complete sales and supply service for electric compressors, including aftercare, servicing, and repair. Please speak with us today by calling 0800 028 8366 or clicking here to fill out our contact form.

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