Silent Compressors to Suit All Applications

Silent Compressors to Suit All Applications

In many industries, the characteristic ‘heavy machinery’ sound of an air compressor is not feasible. For employees who work in close proximity with compressor equipment for around eight hours a day, the sound of moving air and churning mechanisms can be a real problem.

A silent air compressor is a compressor that has been specifically designed to be ultra quiet, and with some models, completely silent. They will have extra noise-damping qualities that will aim to minimise noise pollution and mechanical sound. This is ideal for industrial workshops where factory staff may be working with machinery day in day out.

Quiet air compressors are measured by their decibel rating (dB). A decibel rating of between 40 and 60 is considered low noise or ‘silent’. Any lower than this would be unlikely for an air compressor designed with enough power for industrial use. Generally, low noise air compressors are used in small to medium sized industries and businesses including compressed air for medical use, such as dentistry, or for breweries

Mid-Tech stock a range of silent compressors that deliver maximum power and results with unrivalled air quality, in a compact design! We are an authorised distributor for leading compressor brands such as Reavell and Bambi.

Reavell’s high pressure air and gas compressors are quiet by design with sound accentuated enclosure to allow installation in a variety of workspaces. Or, choose a compressor from the Budget Range, MD Range or VTS Range from established compressor manufacturer, Bambi.

The Budget range is an economical option, perfect for those looking for a low noise and low flow air compressor. Offering sound levels of just 40db(A), the machine can be installed into very tight spaces and is well-suited to applications such as glue dispensing, stapling, pneumatic controls or air-brushing.

The MD Range offers the unique combination of piston rings (which eliminate oil carryover) and a high performance pump which makes this compressor a great choice for clean air critical applications such as laboratories, dentistry and other environments where stringent air quality standards need to be met. The design offers low sound levels as well as low vibration in a small, compact design for ease of installation in work areas.

The VTS Range are oil-free silent air compressors (the S stands for silent). They offer exceptionally low noise levels in comparison to other oil free compressor options. The VTS Range is specifically designed to be silent. Rather than just fitting an acoustic hood, the entire design of the VTS Range is intended to eradicate noise.

Before purchasing an air compressor, consider the application and use. Quiet compressors have many benefits when used in small workshop environments, but may not be well suited to large scale industrial applications. If you’re unsure about what product best suits your needs, speak to a professional engineer from Mid-Tech. We can offer advice, guidance and support as well as ongoing preventative maintenance packages and servicing to keep your system performing effectively and efficiently.

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