Small Air Compressor UK

Small Air Compressor UK

In business since June 2012, Mid-Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd are based in the heart of the UK and serve clients the length and breadth of the country.


Small air compressor sales pumped up by pandemic

Reports have shown that DIY retailers saw a boom in profits last summer – as the UK got locked down, DIY projects around the home and garden went up.

When you consider the myriad of applications for a small air compressor, it’s no surprise that the hire and purchase of them mirrored this trend.

A small or ‘mini’ air compressor is a low maintenance, highly efficient piece of equipment, commonly found powering, hand tools in dentistry, breathing air for scuba diving and in light industries such as furniture manufacture.

Used to power spray painters, pressure washers, power tools and tyre inflators, these compact, robust units provide portable compressed air. This is ideal for use in small scale workshops and car repairs and has applications for the hand tools used in arts and crafts.

Small air compressors also come as lubricated or oil-free options, which can be an important factor depending on your operation.


Why buy a small air compressor?

Price is a primary consideration when deciding to buy new tools and equipment; however, before you drill down into the specifics of your requirements, you may also want to bear in mind:


Where will you store it? How much room have you got for safe storage, not forgetting the air tank and any associated hoses, filters and accessories?


Like a lot of other garage equipment, these machines can be noisy. Are you, your neighbours, or your clients going to be physically affected by the noise of the compressor once it gets going?

Heat generation

Air compressors generate heat during operation. Have you got the working space to ensure that heat can safely escape and the unit itself is not tightly enclosed with flammable materials, gases or liquids nearby?

Power source

Battery-powered, electrical or petrol, there are pros and cons with each type of power source. For example, some run off the 12v power in a vehicle, and others may need to adhere to regulations regarding electricity supply.

Portable or fixed

Suppose your compressor is on the move, for example, around the workshop inflating tyres or operating air tools or travelling to a scuba diving site. In that case, a portable air compressor is ideal, with cordless variants offering increased flexibility.


Maintenance matters

As with all tools and pieces of equipment, regular maintenance should keep your compressor working optimally. Incorrect or overuse will compromise its efficacy and life cycle. Small air compressors are not designed for heavy-duty industrial or commercial operations.

Mid-Tech recommends always following any manufacturers’ instructions as well as regular checks and changes to hoses, oil, filters and other components.


Time to talk to Mid-Tech

Once you’ve done some initial research on the best small air compressor to suit your needs, you may still come away feeling ‘blinded by science’ with the choice on offer – lubricated or oil-free, portable or fixed?

Further technical details like air displacement (CFM) figures, tank size, bar pressure and flow rates can appear confusing at first, but a quick chat with the Mid-Tech team of experts should help find your solution.

Mid-Tech is proud to partner with many of the leading brands in air compression, vacuum and downstream products; our Champion range is perfect for small to medium-sized applications, all offering exceptional performance, with easy installation and low operating costs.

We’re here to help you find innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions to your air compressor needs.

Why not get in touch today: 0800 028 8366 or fill out our contact form, and one of our factory-trained engineers will get back to you.

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