Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

The choices from Mid-Tech Compressed Air

The choice of vacuum pumps on the market is as varied as the number of industrial applications they serve.

Industries as diverse as scientific research, automotive and paper production harness the power of vacuum technology. From pumps small enough to facilitate power steering through to major scale wastewater treatment, vacuum pumps can be found hard at work in everyday applications.

As with any machine, tool or piece of equipment, selecting the right one is critical to the performance and efficiency of your overall system and end product.

Our Elmo Rietschle and Nash ranges of vacuum pumps represent some of the most popular, robust and durable pumps available today.

Rotary vane

Arguably the most common vacuum pump in use today, rotary vane pumps can be wet (lubricated) or dry running (oil free). These energy saving pumps have low-cost efficiencies and can be found powering coffee machines, air conditioners and in chemical vapour deposition processes, creating thin films for semiconductors.

Rotary claw

Widely used in the print, packing, and plastics industries, rotary claw pumps benefit from contact free operations, meaning next to no wear and tear, resulting in low maintenance and an economical choice.

Compact liquid ring

These machines come into their own when tasked to work in harsh environments, particularly wet and humid conditions. Using stainless steel and ceramic materials, abrasion and limescale build-up are dramatically reduced. In addition, the lack of contacting parts makes them a reliable and secure option for processing dirty or potentially hazardous gas streams.

Rotary lobe

Dry running, with no contacting parts and no oil or grease in the chamber, rotary lobe pumps are ideal for industries where high levels of sanitation and hygiene are prerequisites, e.g. pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production.

Rotary screw

Screw technologies are thought to have been in operation as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. Today, the Elmo Rietschle rotary screw series excel in functions where oxygen is applied. They are also used in solar technology, electronic, dewatering land, food packaging and processing. In addition, these dry running units are energy efficient, require minimal maintenance and have low lifecycle costs.

Side channel pumps and blowers

Installed and maintained correctly, Elmo Rietschle is right to boast that these high performance, multi application machines haven’t needed to change in the last few decades. Industry leading technology, limited downtime and dual voltage as standard, these robust workhorses are easily installed with minimal noise intrusion. They are perfect for pumping across long distances, through small pipework or transporting liquids under pressure, like LPG.

Mid-Tech for all your vacuum technology and compressed air solutions

As proud partners of Gardner Denver, Mid-Tech offers customers the very best in vacuum pump and blower technology. Whether that be pumps from Elmo Rietschle, Nash or even Busch & Becker, Mid-Tech delivers the very best in quality and expertise.

Our factory-trained engineers have the industry knowledge and brand specific expertise, ready to service, repair or maintain any of our products and all with genuine lubricants, parts and equipment.

If you have a specialist question or would like further information on how we can support your business, please give us a call on 0800 028 8366 or complete our contact form.

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