Workshop Air Compressors

Workshop Air Compressors

Are you looking for a reliable air compressor for your workshop that still delivers maximum efficiency and high-quality air? Selecting the correct equipment for your workshop is vital to ensure your system can operate in a smaller space and do exactly what you need it to. Our expert Mid-Tech engineers would advise a workshop air compressor from our trusted partner, Champion, but we also have a few other suggestions.

Workshop Compressor Applications:

Air compressors are used in a variety of workshop environments, such as vehicle repair and garages. The recommended models of compressor for any workshop usage are piston or rotary screw compressors due to the ability to tailor capacity and output to suit small to medium-sized businesses or applications. We offer a range of solutions to suit applications such as paint spraying, air chisels and drills, blowguns, impact wrenches, use of power tools, and a range of other operations carried out in most service and repair facilities.

Small Air Compressors from Champion:

We are a proud distributor of Champion’s range of air compressors ideal for small to medium-sized applications, perfect for workshops! They offer a range of power and pressure solutions specifically designed and engineered to excel in a garage environment. Champion’s innovative range offers a multitude of benefits to the customer, including low maintenance and operation costs, maximum performance and easy installation, guaranteeing total operator ease. Champion’s range of customer-focused small air compressors is renowned within the industrial and craft sectors to deliver high dependability and high-quality output. They are the perfect unrivalled workshop air compressor that performs well even in challenging conditions offering you complete peace of mind. Champion’s range includes Piston, Vane, Scroll and Portable models – all suitable for a workshop environment! To find out more about Champion solutions, please visit here.

Small CompAir Piston Compressors: 

Another of our trusted partners is CompAir, which designs and manufactures small piston compressors that work well within a workshop to deliver high-quality air and withstand high-pressure conditions. CompAir’s V-Compact piston may be the best suited as it has the versatility to fulfil a wide range of application needs through its innovative technology and space-saving design. To discover more about the piston compressor solutions we provide, please visit here.

CompAir Hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors:

Rotary vane technology also works well in the workshop environment as they are also small and compact while ranging from 6-8 bar. Noise levels are low so the compressor can be used at the point of use. All of these rotary vane units are direct drive so there are no belts or gears to maintain ensuring reliability. They also have low rotational speeds that reduce stress on the compressor components and ensure an airend life in excess of 100,000 hours. For more information on the rotary vane options, please click here.

Bambi Pistons:

Bambi is a Birmingham based air compressor manufacturer specialising in low-noise, cost-effective systems, ideal for applications where workspace may be limited. They are a compact, efficient solution that thrives in a workshop environment due to their efficient, quiet operation. Potentially their most versatile models are their oil-free VTS and VTH Range, which are suitable for use in any workspace or garage. These models offer silent, high-quality compressed air output that meets stringent air quality regulations without compromising efficiency. To learn more about Bambi Pistons, please visit here.

Mid-Tech is a Midlands-based compressed air specialist with years of industry expertise and knowledge. This background allows us to confidently distribute a range of innovative solutions to our customers across the Midlands, specific to their application needs – whatever these may be. For more information, or to enquire about any of our Workshop Air Compressors, please contact us here. Or simply give us a call on 0800 028 8366.

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