Workshop Compressors

Workshop Compressors

Need a reliable air compressor for your workshop? Selecting a technology that will be a good fit for your business is important. For common applications that you would find in a workshop, Mid-Tech expert engineers would recommend selecting a compressor from Champion.

Champion compressors

Champion offer a choice of compressors in a range of power and pressure variants that are sure to suit the task at hand. Known for their prevalence in the industrial and craft sectors, Champion are trusted for their customer-focused products that deliver flexibility to user requirements and offer unrivalled performance for a plethora of applications.

Within the compressor industry, Champion are commonly known as the expert in solutions for small to medium sized applications, perfect for workshops! Their products provide state-of-the-art performance, even in challenging conditions, and offer the customer a range of benefits including low operation costs, ease of installation, maximum performance, and total peace of mind.

Workshop compressor applications

Champion’s products are specifically engineered to excel in garage, vehicle repair, and workshop environments. Their product offering is tailored to help you drive growth for your business with the ability to perform maintenance tasks on numerous vehicles at the same time.

One common application is paint spraying. This can be used for touch-ups to a paint job or for a complete re-spray to offer a new and pristine finish. To ensure pressure supplied to the air tool is adequate, a professional compressor must be relied on – like Champion!

Aside from paint spraying, other typical applications include blow guns, impact wrenches, air chisels and drills, and a range of other common tasks you can expect to be undertaken in most service and repair facilities.

Screw and piston compressors

Particularly recommended for these types of jobs are piston or rotary screw air compressors. Offering energy efficiency through cutting-edge engineering, Champion’s range of screw and piston models offer the performance you need whilst providing affordability and long term cost savings!

Plus, they offer a choice of fixed and variable speed models which are ideal for tailoring output to your exact demand in small to medium sized businesses, reducing waste, saving money, and helping the environment!

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