Air Compressor Service

Air Compressor Service

At Mid-Tech we believe that building lasting relationships with our customers is the key to unlocking success. We aim to build brand loyalty not only by providing you with an innovative, market-leading air compressor solution, but also by offering you an unmatched design, installation, service and repair to ensure your systems are operating at optimum productivity and efficiency. Alongside this, we also provide air audits and warranties to help protect your investment, and keep your costs down.

Design & Installation:

When assessing the functioning and longevity of your air compressor system, it all goes back to both the design, installation process, which is why at Mid-Tech these factors remain at the forefront of our service. Our team of expertly trained engineers innovate and build systems of

any scale for any industrial or commercial applications to ensure all of your industry needs are covered. We begin by analysing your specific requirements, and then from this building a diagram of the compressed air needs to ensure your air compressor system is fit for purpose. Once this solution has then been built, we offer further installation services. One of the available services is a full project management service for turnkey systems, handling supply and installation from start to finish. Click here for more information.

Servicing & Repairs:

Our main focus at Mid-Tech, is preventative maintenance to ensure your operations can continue, productively and without hindrance. Our thorough service and repair approach involves checks to all components of your systems, from the installation of pipework, ducting, and ventilation, to the commissioning of your compressed air system. This will then be followed by regular servicing to reduce the risk of breakdowns and downtime, removing the potential implications of inoperative equipment.

For time-pressured situations or emergencies, we also offer service kits which include all the elements needed for repair and maintenance – everything off-the-shelf to prepare you for any eventuality. Our Midlands warehouse also stocks all the components needed for the service and repair maintenance of your air compressor systems to ensure timely delivery, and distribution. For more information, please click here.

Air Audits:

The purpose of an air audit of your air compressor system is to provide analysis and innovative insight on the measures that can be put in place to maximise energy efficiency and decrease waste. This therefore helps to reduce maintenance and equipment costs, whilst still giving you a thorough diagnostic, with full data on the system’s performance. We offer this service so we can tailor any upgrades or improvements specifically to your air compressor system. For more information on our air audits please click here.


Mid-tech warranties are an available service for our entire product line, underlining our belief in the quality of what we sell. Our standard warranty promises you the protection of your investment, ensuring peace of mind regarding your compressor systems operation and longevity. We offer flexible servicing agreements to suit your business, industry and applications or, alternatively we also offer pay-as-you-go arrangements. For more information on our warranties please click here.

Mid-tech aims to provide fast, reliable, tailored air compressor services to relieve stress and eliminate risk for you and your system. Our highly trained professionals are even available for same day call-outs depending on your specific requests and requirements. For more information on the air compressor services from Mid-Tech, please click to contact us here.

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