Rotary Lobe Pumps

  • Dry running rotary lobe pumps with no oil or grease in the vacuum chamber
  • Non contacting operation in the vacuum chamber, resulting in less wearing parts
  • Mainly used for boosters including pump systems with oil flooded rotary vane pumps
Rotary Lobe

R Series rotary lobe blowers are dry running positive displacement pumps. With no contacting parts, nor oil or grease in the vacuum chamber. Vacuum is created via two non-contacting triple lobed, rotary lobes. Elmo Rietschle’s choice to use triple lobed rotors, helps avoid issues with pulsation. Due to this technology having no contacting parts there is limited maintenance. The units only have gearbox oil, and bearings that are lubricated.

Often used as a pump set package with a V-VC rotary vane pump, where fine vacuum is required in industrial application, with ultimate vacuum of 0.01mbar(abs) available. Flow rates in the rotary lobe range can vary from 22m3/h all the way up to 8,580m3/h

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