Air Audits for your Compressed Air Installation

  • Air audits are ideal where you are looking to upgrade, replace or simply improve the efficiency of your compressed air installation
  • Assess energy usage and identify requirements
  • Regular leak detection included in routine maintenance
Air Audits

Cost on business is increasing year on year, carbon and emissions levies and taxes are now a reality. Performance of your compressed air systems are critical in minimising these on-costs. By ensuring the efficient operation of your compressed air system you can minimise the impact of the above on your business and return money to your bottom line.

By carrying out an air audit, Mid-Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd will demonstrate how you can achieve the lowest operating costs for your compressed air system and achieve a fast return on investment.

We will also demonstrate how to improve your manufacturing productivity.

Where do we identify efficiencies?

Supply Side: – Savings of 10-20% can reasonably be expected on the supply side of a compressed air system. These can be achieved by identifying areas of improvement in equipment, technology, controls, monitoring, equipment maintenance and installation.

Demand Side: – On the demand side 20-30% of savings can commonly be found, with typical areas for improvement including compressed air leaks, artificial demand, system dynamics, system design and monitoring.

It is a fact that since 2005, average European energy costs have risen by more than 60% presenting industrial users with the potential to make significant costs savings and impact on their bottom line in addition to the global requirement of reduced environmental impact.

Mid-Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd. Will deliver detailed reports carried out using state-of-the-art CompAir AirInsite data logging equipment. The object is always to identify the potential for improvements in your compressed air generation system and distribution network through performance optimisation, leak reduction and air management processes.

Using AirInsite and the application expertise within Mid-Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd., we are able to offer a complete, value-added analytics service.

AirInsite give us the opportunity to monitor and measure amps,volts, kW, pressure, pressure dewpoint, temperature and actual flow.

All information is collected and collated on a cloud based system via bluetooth logging equipment, which aids installation across your plant with no leads left trailing around your plants room during the logging process. Consumption/power figures are accurately calculated allowing us to analyse, chart, graph and prepare professional audit reports. Via simulation wizards we are then able to illustrate the costs of running your existing compressed air system and potential savings that can be made with the use of different compressor system configurations.

If you would like further information on Air Audits for your compressed air installation from Mid-Tech, please give one of our experts a call on 0800 028 8366 or simply click here.