Air Compressor Heat Recovery

  • Recover up to 94% of the heat generated by air compression process
  • Can be used for hot water, heating systems and application processes
  • Retrofit systems available including all pipework and fittings
Heat Recovery

The compression process carried out producing compressed air is not efficient, it would be fair to say that a compressor is a heater with compressed air as a by-product.

Approximately 84% of wasted energy from air compressors is heat? That is the bad news. The good news is that we can recover that heat to save you money and the environment!

We can provide you with a range of heat recovery options for our compressors of which you can recover up to 94% of the wasted heat. This recovered heat can be put to good use elsewhere in your factory.

The simplest method and generally the cheapest to install is ducting. This will recover approximately 15% of the rejected heat from the compressor and can generally be used for space heating.

By far the best method is to use an integrated heat recovery system and bring the waste heat from the compression process out of the compressor as hot water. For virtually any process in your factory or workplace that requires hot water or steam, compressor heat recovery can reduce your energy bill and above all your CO2 emissions. Applications range from cleaning, sterilising, boiling, melting or to simply heat your premises.

For more information please contact Mid-Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd on 0800 028 8366 for details/site survey on how we can help save you money via heat recovery.