Compressor Oil – Always use Genuine OEM

Compressor Oil – Always use Genuine OEM

Compressor oil is a necessary component in any lubricated air compressor or vacuum pump. We know that it is integral to the efficient functioning of your system, that’s why Mid-Tech only supply and use genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) oils and lubricants.

Compressor oil lubricates the system, removes excess heat and is also used for sealing. For example, rotary screw compressors need adequate lubrication between the rotor of the motor and the cylinder to ensure maximum efficiency. Piston compressors also need lubrication to cool the system as the piston compresses the gas. A high performing oil will be designed to ensure the system process runs smoothly in any industrial air compressor or vacuum pump, ensuring maximum uptime!

OEM compressor oil can be defined as specific compressor oil that has been expertly formulated to meet the exact demands of your system and application. It is professionally engineered to be an exact replacement for the original compressor or pump oil. The lubricant will be of high quality and will ensure the ongoing integrity of your system. Using only genuine OEM oil is important as it helps to extend the service life your your machine and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.

Using the wrong type of lubricant or oil could cause serious damage to your compression unit or pump and harm the internal mechanics of the system. An illegitimate oil may not perform adequately and cause complications such as overheating in your system, seals no long functioning and oil becoming foamy or of higher viscosity. All of these factors could ultimately lead to a complete system failure. So, why take the risk?

Mid-Tech supply only genuine equipment, parts, oils and lubricants, supported by our expert team of factory trained engineers. We ensure to keep a large variety of high-quality OEM oil in stock so that we can ensure a fast and efficient supply service, minimising any downtime you may have. We guarantee that our oils and lubricants are 100% compatible with your system and perfectly suit your application needs and requirements.

Looking after your air compressor involves more than just choosing the correct oil, however. Regular servicing, knowing when oil needs to be changed and identifying issues in the system before they cause problems are all important factors to keep your system running at maximum efficiency. Mid-Tech can help. Our expert technicians are available for basic maintenance or regular scheduled servicing, ensuring your compressor, oil and downstream equipment are performing at optimum level.

Enjoy peace of mind by trusting your compressor maintenance to Mid-Tech. With same day call outs available, should you need it, Mid-Tech can provide emergency as well as preventative maintenance. Our professional service and genuine oils will guarantee your oil lubricated system is efficient, high-quality and reliable. We also work with a wide variety of the best brands in the industry such as CompAir, Gardner Denver, Hydrovane and Elmo Rietschle and more. For more information on our products and services, use our contact form here or give us a call on 0800 028 8366.

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