Industrial Air Compressors – Making the Right Decision

Industrial Air Compressors – Making the Right Decision

Industrial air compressors are used across a diverse range of sectors including the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical production and automotive manufacturing. Choosing the right type of industrial compressor to suit your application is important if you want to increase the efficiency of your operation.

Mid-Tech distributes compressed air systems from some of the industries leading manufacturers including CompAir, Hydrovane, Gardner Denver, Elmo Rietschle, Champion and Reavell. When choosing a system, our expert engineers are all factory-trained and have expert knowledge about the design, installation and maintenance of a variety of compressor technologies and types. There is no one size fits all when it comes to air compressors.

When choosing, there are a few key factors to consider including size, technology type, design e.g oil or oil-free, and mobility. Other factors include power, efficiency and maintenance requirements. Sound confusing? Don’t worry – experts at Mid-Tech are here to offer advice and guidance.

Read below to find out more about each deciding factor. If you’re still stuck, get in contact with us by phone, email or contact form – that’s what we’re here for!


Choosing the right compressor size is important. Too large and you could have increased costs and wasted energy. Too small and you may run into production issues. To choose the right size, you should first consider the flow and pressure requirements of your application.

Certain requirements will require more power than others, ensuring that your compressor has enough pressure capacity to achieve the requirement is essential. Plus, an understanding of how frequently the job will be done or how many jobs will be happening at the same time will affect the flow rate required.


When it comes to choosing a compressor technology type, there are plenty of options. Here at Mid-Tech, we stock a variety of options including:

The technology you choose will be dependent on a few factors such as the fluctuation of flow demand, how many hours running time your compressor will operate and how many shifts you will run.

For a constant compressed air supply, it is advisable to opt for a rotary screw compressor. They are built to last a long lifetime and are best used for operations that require a 100% duty cycle.

Piston compressors are a popular choice and are very economical. Better suited to intermittent use, they require proper cooling in between cycles so are not suited to constant use.

Oil-Free or Oil Lubricated?

Another important element is whether to opt for an oil-free or an oil lubricated compressor. Oil free compressors ensure that there is no oil within the compression chamber, resulting in a compressed air output that is clean and dry. It can be an important factor in industries that have stringent health and safety requirements such as chemical plants or medication production. If you need to produce clean and pure air, then an oil-free design will be the most beneficial model.

If you have no immediate need to produce dry air, then a lubricated compressor would be the more economical choice. Plus, the air produced by an oil lubricated compressor can still be cleaned using various air products and downstream equipment. 

We understand that investing in a compressor is a big deal and you want a system that is high performing, efficient and reliable. Mid-Tech can offer you all the guidance and support you need to choose a complete system that will work for you, including air treatment accessories and products. For advice from one of our expert engineers, give us a call on 0800 028 8366 or fill out our contact form.

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