Side Channel Blower – Industries & Applications

Side Channel Blower – Industries & Applications

At Mid-Tech, we are specialist distributors of a range of different side channel blowers to suit your application needs. Fully equipped with industry-leading knowledge of the latest air technologies, we strive to stock and distribute only the best quality and performance air compressors, blowers and pump solutions. Our chosen side channel blower is the G Series from Elmo Rietschle, a well-renowned, reliable system with unrivalled industry performance. These blowers are available in a wide selection of performance ranges and pressures with additional accessories to suit your industry and operations. This range of high-quality products is typically used for conveying gases and gas-air mixtures, but there are many other uses for side channel blowers. Some of their main uses include:

Packaging Industry:

Side channel blowers have a range of uses in the packaging industry, such as vacuum packaging and assembling and folding packaging materials.

Degasification of Food:

Degasification is the process of removing dissolved gases from substances. Side Channel Blowers play a vital role in this process by ensuring fast and efficient removal of these gases. The innovative impeller blades accelerate the gas outwards, thus increasing the pressure and allowing the gas to be discharged through the blower.

Plastic Industry:

They are particularly useful in the plastic industry for tasks such as granulate conveying and drying, as well as plastic welding and thermoforming. Side Channel Blowers play a particularly crucial role in contact-free plastic film direction.

Central Vacuum Systems:

Within central vacuum systems, Side Channel Blowers use impulse principle technology to form a side channel. Kinetic energy created by the rotating impeller is converted into pressure, pushing the dirt particles through and out of the side channel. This enables the central vacuum system to remove dirt and debris efficiently.

Printing & Paper Industry:

Within this industry, Side Channel Blowers are used for applications such as fixation, sheet separation, transport, turning and drying.

These versatile, efficient G Series Side Channel Blowers have other features such as compact designs, differential pressure and contact-free compression, which can be adaptable to suit further applications and industries. Other applications of Side Channel Blowers include swimming pool technology/jacuzzis, lifting and holding parts using vacuum suction, and pneumatic conveying in processes such as conveying granulated material and powdery material. It is also used commonly in the textile industry within the manufacture of clothing and other materials, as well as for the ventilation of sewage treatment plants.

Leading innovators, Elmo Rietschle, focus their technologies on ensuring high levels of performance and ease of operation. They understand the value of a quiet, high-quality, maintenance-free solution that underpins their G Series range. This is why we have chosen to stock and distribute their side channel blowers above all others on the market.

For more information on the Elmo Rietschle G Series vacuum pumps, please contact us here, or call the experts on 0800 028 8366.

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