Under Pressure To Save Energy?

With today’s spiralling energy costs, focus on reducing Carbon Footprint and continued lectures from a certain Swedish Schoolgirl, Mid Tech (Compressed Air) Ltd. would like to offer our potential customer base an opportunity to reduce energy consumption.

We presently work with our existing client base to maximise the efficiency of their compressed air generation with continued success.

A typical example of this would be with a major automotive component supplier. Following logging and data analysis of their existing equipment and discussions around future compressed air requirements/expansion, we were able to introduce a second CompAir variable speed drive compressor, 160kW, into their system and at the same time upgrade an outdated control system with a CompAir Smart Air Master controller. Following set up and full commissioning by one of our Factory Trained Engineers, the client now has a off-load energy figure per week of less than 1%. This typically equates to 59kW against a total weekly load of 75,843kW.

For the months of February/March we are offering, free of charge, a weeks data log exercise and report. This will identify your existing plant demand, potential savings with respect to pressure control in your existing system and the opportunity to introduce new plant with the associated costs quantified against a period of payback. Typically a full data-log exercise would be charged out at £350.00 -£500.00 so this is a one off opportunity.

If you would like to take up the above offer, please use the link contact us submit your details and we will then arrange a time convenient to install the data logging equipment.

We look forward to you, helping us, help you to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.


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