Variable Speed Compressors from Mid-Tech

Variable Speed Compressors from Mid-Tech

High energy costs?

Keeping energy costs low is one of the most important factors for any industrial business. For many industries including manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and packaging, the biggest loss of energy is through wasted energy in their compressed air installation. As compressors play a key role in keeping many factories running, they must be as efficient as possible to avoid energy loss leading to high bills and a higher cost of ownership.

The solution

Variable speed drive (VSD) technology is a great way to increase the efficiency of your plant. VSD, sometimes referred to as variable frequency drive or regulated speed, is an intelligent technology system that matches the output of an air system to the demand required by downstream equipment. 

The drive system monitors demand and continuously alters the motor throughout operation to fluctuate the amount of power that is required. In this way, if the demand begins to dwindle, so does the compressor output. Similarly, if there is a surge in demand, power can be increased to ensure that it is met.

What are the benefits of VSD? 

VSD compressors differ from fixed speed (FS) compressors which run at a constant speed and produce a fixed volume of air. FS compressors are always operating at full-throttle, which is a huge benefit for industries where a consistent amount of compressed air is required. However, if there is a fluctuation in demand, FS compressors will be wasting energy. 

Additionally, FS compressors need to run unloaded to reduce the stress a start-up would put on the motor. This, in itself, can be a waste of energy as no compressed air is being produced. VSD compressors do not need to unload, saving time, energy, and money! When compressed air is one of the most expensive elements of a plant’s business, energy savings like this translate into real benefits for operators.

Why choose VSD?

Fixed and variable speed air compressors both have their advantages but achieve the very best levels of efficiency when used in conjunction with each other. In a compressed air installation that uses both types of technology, the VSD machine can vary its speed to handle the demand all by itself while the FS compressor is off. At other times, as demand alters, the FS machine is fully loaded with the VSD machine trimming to match the demand. This results in maximum levels of efficiency and performance.

Watch the video below from CompAir for more information on how to sequence VSD and FS compressors to save energy:

70% of an air compressor’s cost is energy, save money with a variable speed compressor! For advice on how including a variable speed compressor in your air system could lower your operating costs and improve your system performance, please speak to our expert engineers at Mid-Tech. We can make custom-tailored recommendations based on your unique business requirements. Get in touch by calling us on 0800 028 8366 or clicking here to fill out our contact form

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